Saturday, June 10, 2006


Ice Cream and good Friends!
A Group Hug!
Now these are the pictures that I would love to have from my childhood. Showing fun !
Showing I had a great time!
Showing just plain silly times!
We took these 3 monkeys to the new movie "Cars" .
It was a great time ! We started with Dinner at Applebee's and then icecream at Friendly's .
Then off to the movies , they were GREAT!!
Altho I have to admit......ONE is GOOD!
Having that much energy at one time all the time is just pure craziness!!

Ok so we were waiting and I turn around and see this on the wall!
I have to say , it is a night I hope he remembers for a long time ! It was a fun time to watch ....and the best part is when I asked them what they thought the movie was about ....and they all got the right answer !!
" Helping your friends " ....another proud mom moment!

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