Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I just love creating ....

I Love telling a story that will be with generations to come. I love letting Josh know how much I love him and also leaving him stories to read , so when I am no longer with him here ...he will know thru them how much I loved him. This layout is the first in a long time that the thoughts just started to flo and I sat down did the journaling and the page came together in about 20 minutes.
The Journaling reads :

As I took a look outside to make sure you were alright , I saw you sitting. In an instant I wanted to shout out to you and ask, “ What are you thinking about Josh? or the thought even crossed my mind, “A penny for your thoughts”.
(Which then you would have been more concerned with the fact of why your thoughts would only be worth a penny.)
Instead I went in the house and got the camera, put on the zoom lens and devoured the moment up click by click of my camera. I couldn’t get enough .
I was quite content with my own thoughts. Making up my own ideas of what you could be thinking about.
As I stood there capturing the moment I also thought , how frigin cool is it that you …my 100 mph boy has paused for a minute ! Sitting having a moment to himself. Whatever it may be about .
Did I really want to invade on that time? Did I really want to know exactly what thoughts you were having ?
Were you day dreaming ?
Were you thinking about what you want to be ?
Were you thinking about your next battle and how you were going to defeat your enemies with the new tinker toy sword you had just built?
Whatever your thoughts were at this moment will just be your very own !
I will just sit back and always be here , capturing the moments of you .
Here whenever you need to ask questions .
Here whenever you need to feel safe.
I will always try and give you freedom to express yourself and take time for yourself.
Never stop dreaming , thinking or taking time for yourself.
Journaled 08/06

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