Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sea Isle City

I am sitting here at my friend Maria's summer home in Sea Isle City . We are leaving in a couple hours to go home . The house is very quiet as everyone is still sleeping. The sun is up and it is going to be another wonderful day .
The view here is just wonderful , you look to the right and you see the bay . To the left is the ocean (not in view) , but you know it is there.

There is nothing like a beach town or (shore town ) as I am sure you call it if you are from NJ . It is just another culture as I would call it. Everything just slows down a bit , there is really no place to be at a certain time. No schedules . No meal times. Everything and everyone just moves at their own speed. If you want to pack your day with lots to do you can. If you want to do absolutely nothing , you can .
I just loved watching Josh yesterday , he got a little freedom from his mom's yesterday. I don't believe we talked to him for more then 15 minutes . He was playing with Jake , Mike and various other little dudes on the beach . They were digging , boogie boarding and just running in and out of the water. I think there was even some football throwing going on . It was nice to just sit and talk with Maria .
My friend Ali V . even came down . It was so great to see her and Dave !
It is funny that we live about 40 minutes from each other all year , and we got together 3 hours from home .
I just fell in love with this place in a matter of a couple hours.
This town is very unique and has many stories. Just a few I learned.
As we were walking around town , Kate and I noticed that 90% of the homes looked fairly new. We found out that after the Hurricane in 63' that alot of the homes were lost. The houses that they built to replace them only were built to last about 20 - 30 years. So in the 90's alot of the homes were either moved or bulldozed and everyone built new. Alot of 2 and 3 story side by sides as they call them here. Twins if you live in pa.
Also we have found out that this is a town of generations. As you walk around on the beach you see circles of chairs . As you look in these circles you see from Grandparents to grand children. We started to realize this is a norm in Sea Isle. As I was talking to Maria she confirmed this and said she actually has been coming here since she was 8 years old. You have to love a town like this ! It just gave me warm fuzzies !!
It has been a great summer and we are so lucky we got to enjoy the beach twice .
So we have just had a great weekend, it was so relaxing and just so wonderful. I can't thank Jack and Maria enough for having us !
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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