Friday, August 04, 2006

Love , like I never knew before .....

Josh, I hope you know and always will know how much I love you !
Today Kate took Josh to NYC with her . She had to go and check on her jobsite up there. Josh was so excited . He LOVES going to work with Mom. I mean what is not to love ..he gets to put on a hard hat and walk around with the boss ! Much better then being at the scrapbook store with me .
But the cutest thing was the call I got about an hour ago.
The phone rings and Josh is on the other end.
J: Hi Mom .
Me: Hi Josh , are you in NYC?
J: Yep , I am getting ready to do some coloring .
Me: Oh great !
J: I just wanted to call you so you wouldn't worry . We will be coming home in the afternoon , and I am ok .
Me: Well thanks buddy, I miss you .
J: Miss you too you ! Wanna talk to Mom?
Me: love you too ....sure .

He is just amazing . Of course Kate prompted the call , but just the fact that they both know I worry about them when they are not with me .

I can't believe my little one got on the train , and is in NYC. I know he is safe with Kate but I can't help but worry a bit. It is a BIG City !!!

So I have been up since they left, couldn't go back to sleep . I have sipped my coffee ..mmmmmmmm! I have been working on some scrapping projects . Read my new Simple (GREAT ISSUE!) , and just relaxing a bit till I have to start my day .

Can't wait to see my little guy this afternoon . Hope he enjoys his big day in the City !!

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