Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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WOW ! I was amazed when I was looking at the pics that are on my desktop file . I don't use my desktop much anymore , but my laptop is down till later this week waiting for an AC power cord. Not a great time , since I had just opened the S.A.V.E. weekend and have all my spreadsheets on the laptop.
But it was kewl to see this pic on the left taken 2 years ago. Then this one taken last weekend. I am excited as I have been taking Stacey's Library of Memories Class on line from Big Picture. I am going to do some pages of "then and now" about Josh. It amazes me how much he has changed , not only physically and mentally ...but emotionally.
Even in one year , the difference in him playing football is just amazing. Anyone that knows Josh knows he is a silly goofball. He smiles all the time and just bounces around in everything he does.
Well this is his 2nd year of football and he will put on pads and a helmet next year. I was watching him in practice and he was being his goofy self. Not really doing the exercises and not really paying attention to the coaches. Well on a ride home last week , I had a talk with him and explained that he needed to pay attention and learn from these coaches. They are truly great guys and have a lot to teach these little guys.
So we talked and I told Josh all about practicing and dedication to doing something the best you can do it. I wasn't sure just how much he heard or was going to take in .
Well this week I have watched my son who was goofing off at practice , do the exercises with determination . He has been listening to the coaches and has improved 100% in this week. As a result , he is playing more ( because he is making the plays) and he is beaming with pride when he gets a flag , or runs the ball for a TD ! He actually came over to the sideline tonight and said " I am doing good aren't I Mom?" I was so proud of him!! I was just beaming and I have told him how awesome he has been doing !
He also has been coming home from practice every night and practicing his Kicking and Punting . Tonight was Kick , Pass and Punt competition
. We will find out tomorrow if he was in the top 3 in his age group. He did ok , but I am so proud of the dedication he put into it .
As I have been talking to Josh about all this . I have also been reflecting on the past year in a part of my life. memory lane, pa a little dream come true. I have wanted to open a scrapbook store for sometime. Well a couple years, but thought like so many other dreams I have had , it was just that ...a dream. Then opportunity actually came my way last year and with Sarah , we made a dream come true and opened the doors on Aug 20th, 2006 . Sarah and I didn't discuss alot of specifics of our partnership. We went on a lot of faith and trust in ourselves and one another. Actually looking back , we are probably one of the most relaxed partnerships ever to enter into a retail store together. There wasn't alot of paperwork , we just did the legal paper saying we were partners and we started ordering product ! As our first year is fast approaching , I would say we somehow knew , or guessed right ! We have had a great year , not only in success of a business, but even more in success of our friendship. It has only grown stronger , we have gotten to know one another better. We have found our "nitches" . We flow well together with each other's strengths and weaknesses. It takes a lot of practice to be a good partner and also a friend in business. It is not always exactly how you would want it to be. But you do learn to let somethings roll of your back , and you learn what you need to discuss and come to an agreement in . I am not sure what this year will bring , but I can only hope and work at it being another successful year. As both are family's grow , and change we can only stay in constant communication with one another and be open and honest with one another . I do believe that has been one of the keys to our success.
I truly love what I do ! I don't like the toll it has taken on my family at times. But we have a strong foundation and I think it is actually getting much better already. It is a lot of work , but it is a wonderful , wonderful thing to be able to meet some of the most amazing people in the world on a daily basis. Even more , it is a blessing to actually be able to call these amazing people friend !
So I raise a glass this week to Sarah , thanks for being my partner in this wonderful adventure.
Kate, for being my rock ...and raising our wonderful son wtih me .
Josh.....for being my reason !
All you ladies , that have made mlpa the amazing place it is !

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  1. denise1:52 AM

    clink . . . .thank you rollie and sarah too . . .i appreciate your sacrafices and hope your second year will be better than the first. owning your own business is a challenge and you two have risen to the occassion. congratulations!