Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Organizing is cleansing for the soul !!!

I feel it ...can you feel it ??

Breathe it in .....

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

It is called having something actually completed !

I tell you I walk around every day and I swear I am never going to finish anything ! Do you ever feel like that ? Not that I am not doing 10 things at once...no ....it is just completing something that feels so good!

Well this morning I finished a year of editing , and getting every digital picture of the year on disc , backed up to an external hard drive and uploading them to snapfish. HA ! I have 3 places that my most precious memories are preserved.
I have been a little freaked out while reading different things on CD's not lasting , and I have already had a couple computer crashes , so I didn't want to risk ever losing my pictures ! I LOVE digital ....but there goes a certain responsibility with it also .
I also had a great time looking back at the year , I got alot of great page ideas and I was going thru some of the shots. So now that they are organized and soon to be printed ( ones that aren't yet) , I will be a creating fool!!! Wahoooooooooo!
So here are some of the pics that I just can't wait to create with and tell their stories .

Stories to follow!

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  1. Who is that adorable child in the last picture, rolling in the leaves with Josh? He is beautiful - looks like a great little boy!

    hee hee