Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

Don't go checking your isn't the 2nd sunday in May!

But today is Mother's day in our house. Kate's day. March 31st, 2004 Kate adopted Josh legally. It was such a special day in our house, and we celebrate it every year.

When Josh was born, in the state of PA it was not legal for Kate to be his parent. Not that she wasn't already his parent, but people in power of deciding that decided not to use their brains or hearts the day they made it illegal for a child to have two parents of the same sex. Now mind you that it was legal till 1997. Then when some families actually practiced the right to the law , then some idiots decided we must stop all this happiness!!! We can't have children in loving families! NO NO! We can't have two people that go thru so much to even have a child, being able to legally be their stupid does that sound!! Ok so those are the conversations I have in my heads some days.

I love my life, I have been with this wonderful womyn for almost 10 years now. We have made wonderful friends, we have a great life. But it doesn't mean I don't think that there are some wrong doings out there, discrimination against us. But there are worse things going on and I don't dwell on the negatives in life.

So anyway, it is Mother's day....I wouldn't want anyone else to be Josh's parent. I never wanted a child more then when I met Kate. I knew we would raise a child together after our first date. That is how sure I was that this would be Josh's Mom. So in dedication to your Mom's day, here is a page I did just for you!


  1. Love this page and the love it shows! I hope you all had a special day celebrating.
    When we adopted our girls (they are from Korea) we knew we were a family, everyone knew we were a family, but to have it official forever!!

  2. Kim B.8:34 AM

    Happy Mother's Day Kate! You two are the 2 best moms I know!!!

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Happy Mother's Day, Kate! What a great story...I love the part about having two Moms, so it's only logical to have two Mother's Days!

  4. i love this page... i'm so glad i discovered your blog! i don't follow up on pa laws, but what a special day that must have been for you both!