Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring is here!

Or so the calendar says! More importantly that's what these beautiful flowers say! Kate brought us flowers on Tuesday and said Happy First day of Spring! That was so cool. Josh really liked it too. Now as you look at the picture and see the snow covered ground out the window you might not believe it was March 21st.

Josh just continues to amaze me everyday. Yesterday morning I walked out to find him standing and reading his library book he got. Look at that print, so small and big words. He reads EVERYTHING! Nothing scares him. It is so amazing. Yes I know I am not the first Mom to have a 7 year old reading a book, but it is the first time, and the last time that I will get to witness this miracle of learning. I think I will continue to be amazed by this little guy throughout my lifetime.

Here is just another example...

We were having dinner the other night and Josh is really into having conversations at dinner. So here is how it went.

Josh: So Mom want to hear about school today?

Me: Sure

(school talk went on )

Josh: So Mom, how was your day at work?

Me: It was pretty good.

Josh: So did you sell any of those Cricuts today?

Me: No not today.

Josh: How bout those Clip its?

Me: Yes we did sell two of those. Wow you have really been listening to my conversations lately.

Josh: Yes, I like to pay attention so I can have conversations with you about your work.

Ok so I just sat there in amazement, he is everything I dreamed of having a son. One that would love his Mom so much that he would want to talk about my work. Just one of the little things I dreamed of, but it is the little things that count! I am so blessed to have this little boy in my life, everyday is a great matter what other uglies are in the world. So all you moms out there, rejoice in having your children....and those moments when it is hard to count that blessing, remember all those times it is hard to imagine your life without them in it.

Have a great weekend!!! I know I am going to!

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    always helps when they are reading something they enjoy . . .aka football! brett was always like that too . ..reading lots about sports and racing . . .the other stuff not so much. thanks for reminding me of the little things once again.