Friday, March 16, 2007

miss me?

Saturday night, poker party- I won!
Saturday night , shakes, chills and feeling yucky.
Sunday- chills aches and down on the couch all day.
Monday- more of the same glands swollen, bed all day.
Tuesday- not much better, call doc, got meds, bed all day.
Wednesday- feeling a little better, went to the store for an hour.
Thursday- worked all day, feeling better, can swallow.

Friday- SNOW!!!

checked calendar- March 16th

Feeling better, oh the ICK is no fun.

So once again I am back! Lots of great things coming up and I am glad I got back before I missed much.

Josh is wrestling in his first MAWA (Mid Atlantic Wrestling Association) tourney tommorrow. This is districts, and if he is in the top 3 finishers he will move on to Regionals in April. That would be so great! I hope he does well, he has been working very hard at it.

I have missed my camera for the days I was in bed, and as sick as I was I almost took pictures of how bad I is that love of documenting the everyday. Time to grab the camera today as we get one more chance at snow pictures....hopefully our last of the year!

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