Friday, November 09, 2007

5 Months from Tommorrow ....

I am going to be HERE!!! Oh I am so excited!
I have to say a few months ago that wouldn't have been true, and I have to say that in the midst of doing Life redirection, you often question yourself of the outcome. Well the outcome is looking better everyday. I have refocused my energy to empower myself and others. The ideas I have are starting to become reality. I am LOVING my hobby again, the hobby that 5 years ago began to make me smile , is now making me smile again. I am connecting with some great people, I have been doing some scrapbooking with friends. I have a great all day crop in a couple of weeks that is just going to be off the charts! S.A.V.E. classes will be posting in about 2 weeks and the projects are just amazing. I have 7 teachers that are just going to knock your socks off! All of them have come up with some amazing mini albums, calendars and altered projects.....also just for good measure one great Card Class!!

So the weekend is here and it is movie night! Oh I can't remember the last movie night we were able to have. Our friend Kim and her girls are coming over tonight and we are going to see "Wild Hogs" ....should be fun!

I know some of you are waiting on pictures of the home improvement , and they are coming! I hope to get some primer on the walls this weekend and start painting color on Monday.

Ok now I got to go....I have Grungeboard to play with!

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