Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is it December yet???

Today I went shopping....disguised as errands! I did get everything on the list...and just couldn't resist a few extras. I really shouldn't be getting anything Christmas right now knowing there is just no where to put it right now until I get the rooms done, but I couldn't resist. I just love the holiday. I love the music.....I love that there are holiday parties, I love that both Kate and I's Moms are coming to spend a week at Christmas with us. I love the two new rooms in the front of the house and can't wait to have people over this year and see how great it looks. It is so nice not to have insulation hanging from the ceiling , or stained rugs and half painted walls. It is nice to look out and see a room all done.
So today I treated myself to a few decorations, and pillows, and Christmas rugs. It was just fun looking and playing with all the Christmas stuff. When I start decorating I will post pics.

Also found that hard to find gift for Josh....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Can't tell till Christmas!

So What do you like most about the season?


  1. I love everything about Christmas, I get so excited, just like a child again. Can't wait to get the decorations up this weekend so then I can relax and really enjoy the season. Love that you're so excited too Rollie, we'll have to go get some christmas things together and sing a few carols along the way!

  2. I love spending time with my family! Finally being able to settle down after a crazy month!

    Such a cute pic! Congrats on the big gift find!

  3. I love the decorating, the baking and making the special dinner for Christmas! music and blinking lights from the Christmas Tree...sigh...