Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Won it!!!

It is a prestigious award!!! I can't tell you how fun it was opening this gift on Christmas Eve!!! I will cherish this cheesy gift! I love that my friend Nic knew I would get a kick out of it and have fun with it. Christmas Story is one of my all time favorite movies and I can quote pretty much the whole thing. Guessing it helps that it is on for 24 hours every year and also that I own the DVD! ah well we all have our downfalls! Ok so this will have a special place in my heart and room always!
and this is a SCORE!!!! Mom made us a red velvet 4 layer Cake for Christmas eve dinner. I have to tell you, I know why they call it velvet!!!! This might have to become a tradition!
and it is the little things....and I mean little! These ping pong paddles and net came with the DVD Balls of Fury...and I have to say the laughter they produced were more then a belly can take. I suggest they market these little things! It gives table tennis a whole new meaning!

So the big day is over, but Josh and I have decided that Christmas is much too good to last only one day, we have been playing and having company over everyday. Today Uncle Steve comes over and a few other of Josh's friends. We will be rocking out on Guitar Hero III!!! Oh and by the way...I have cleared ALL 42 songs on EASY and about 18 on Medium....ROCK ON!!!!

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  1. Rollie, my hubby LOVES your leg lamp - he and his family introduced me to Christmas Story and they are HUGE fans. Not sure if you are aware, but the guy who makes the lamps used to make them out of his one-bedroom apartment in San Diego. Two years ago, the house on the outskirts of Cleveland that was used for the filming of Christmas Story was up for sale and was in disrepair. So, the same gent who makes the lamps bought the house, restored it and turned it into a Christmas Story museum. You can even visit it and buy a visitor's pass that includes lunch at the Chinese restaurant from the film. It's hubby's intention to visit someday! More info available at:
    ENJOY! :) Tracy Anderson