Thursday, December 27, 2007


Seemed to be saying this silently to myself alot lately. Once again Kate blew me away with her thoughtfulness that goes into any gift she gets me. She just knows me better then anyone, she knows who I am and loves me anyway. She is my true best friend, and also my life partner. You don't get much luckier then that! Well.....unless....your BFF gets you tickets to .....

COLOR PURPLE ON BROADWAY STARRING FANTASIA!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah I DID just use those !!!!! I am just blown away! When I first found out Fantasia was playing in The Color Purple ( one of my FAVORITE) stories. I wanted to see it so bad. But then life got in the way and I put it out of my mind, knowing things were just too busy. Well Kate didn't and she made it happen! I already count my blessings everyday that I have her in my life, that I have someone that is ALWAYS in my corner...not just when things are going great, but ALWAYS! Then she does things like this that just humble me so much to know she just loves to see me smile, and knows what will do that even more. Thanks my love!
Then there is this, and if I have nothing else, but have this....I would be just fine!
And the music of the is so hard to clear these off my ipod. But don't worry ladies going to S.A.V.E. ....I promise they won't be in the Shuffle this year!!!

So on to doing Inventory for the Corner Store, so we can order lots of new goodies for the new year! Hope everyone enjoys the week and keeps absorbing the season.

Oh and did I mention....I am ROCKIN Guitar Hero III on the Wii!!! (that I will save for another blog :)


  1. How totally awesome that you get to go see The Color Purple! It's such an amazing story.


  2. Wow, what a great gift!

  3. you lucky girl! i hope you love the show!

  4. What an amazing gift!