Sunday, December 16, 2007

Party! Pin! Rest!

In that order!!

Yesterday was our 10th annual Holiday Open House.

It just amazes me every year how many people look so forward to this party.

Comments from some of the guest are just enough to make me teary. I love that the Sheilds told us this year that the kids didn't stop talking about the chocolate fountain for 3 months after last year! I love this!!

Others just telling us how much love they feel in our house. That is so important to Kate and I.

I also love how much Josh looks forward to this party too. He told me Saturday morning that it is like our "other Christmas", because we get the gift of so many friends. Damn he is one special kid!! A little off track, tonight he told me he wanted to write a letter to Santa, because he wanted to ask for more family time, because it is the best present he could get. I am thinking that little movie "home alone" got to him the other night.

Here is one of my favorite shots from the party on Saturday......well that and the hair flip pose Lisa did for me, but she won't let me post anymore pictures of her on my blog!!! (and this one wasn't even of her in her pajamas!!)

I saw these ladies pushing little kids out of the way to get to the chocolate fountain!! ( just kidding, no children were hurt , much!)

After the last guest left last night around 10 pm , it was hit the pillow only to be woken by the wind, ice and a 70 lb dog on my head shivering in fear. So after lots of hugging and calming down, I think I got a few hours sleep. Then it was off to the Wrestling match to watch Josh pin his opponent in about 40 secs. It is great 2 pins , 2 wins for the season! and a big thanks to Karen Russell! thru her blog and a few emails back and forth, I am on my way to getting a few better wrestling shots this year!

So that is it for this busy day, only 9 days left!
Mom comes in town Friday!!! So excited to have her here this year.
Kate's Mom comes in Saturday...first time for them to spend Christmas in 18 years....that just warms my heart.
Then it is a weekend of baking cookies, Peddler's Village and a great Christmas Eve dinner with Friends and Family! I am one lucky womyn to be so blessed in my life. Thanks everyone that supports me each and everyday. My friends, you are truly awesome and amazing to me!!!

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  1. Chocolate fountain was yummo, my girls loved it too. What a nice party it sure put me in the holiday mood, thanks.