Thursday, December 20, 2007

Letter to Santa....

Just love this letter!
When he asked me if he could write a letter to Santa the other night, I was excited because I love to see him write these every year. When I got the letter handed to me to mail to Santa, I was once again amazed by my son's compassion. He didn't list one toy, or item. He has told me several times that he loves that I don't work at the store anymore, he loves having more family time with us.
That speaks volumes to me. I love being home for him and with him more and more each day. I love being able to do the things I need to do for our family and our home, and also have a great business at the same time. The Online store is going so great and we haven't quite got our website going yet. My customers rock and they are a great group of ladies.
So along with Josh , I wish all families to have a lot of FUN this Holiday season. Don't let it go by without soaking in every moment....we will be having some Wii fun on Christmas day! Can't wait to play!


  1. awww- he is so sweet

  2. Josh is so sweet - can't wait to see you scrap this one!

  3. Dang Josh is the sweetest boy! Thanks for sharing his letter.

    Merry Christmas