Monday, December 31, 2007

Our little champion!

Great day at our first tourney of the season! Josh fought hard! He made it to the championship match and won 2nd place! He wanted 1st place very he will continue to practice hard and we know there will be some 1st place trophies in the very near future! So PROUD of him!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Won it!!!

It is a prestigious award!!! I can't tell you how fun it was opening this gift on Christmas Eve!!! I will cherish this cheesy gift! I love that my friend Nic knew I would get a kick out of it and have fun with it. Christmas Story is one of my all time favorite movies and I can quote pretty much the whole thing. Guessing it helps that it is on for 24 hours every year and also that I own the DVD! ah well we all have our downfalls! Ok so this will have a special place in my heart and room always!
and this is a SCORE!!!! Mom made us a red velvet 4 layer Cake for Christmas eve dinner. I have to tell you, I know why they call it velvet!!!! This might have to become a tradition!
and it is the little things....and I mean little! These ping pong paddles and net came with the DVD Balls of Fury...and I have to say the laughter they produced were more then a belly can take. I suggest they market these little things! It gives table tennis a whole new meaning!

So the big day is over, but Josh and I have decided that Christmas is much too good to last only one day, we have been playing and having company over everyday. Today Uncle Steve comes over and a few other of Josh's friends. We will be rocking out on Guitar Hero III!!! Oh and by the way...I have cleared ALL 42 songs on EASY and about 18 on Medium....ROCK ON!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Seemed to be saying this silently to myself alot lately. Once again Kate blew me away with her thoughtfulness that goes into any gift she gets me. She just knows me better then anyone, she knows who I am and loves me anyway. She is my true best friend, and also my life partner. You don't get much luckier then that! Well.....unless....your BFF gets you tickets to .....

COLOR PURPLE ON BROADWAY STARRING FANTASIA!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah I DID just use those !!!!! I am just blown away! When I first found out Fantasia was playing in The Color Purple ( one of my FAVORITE) stories. I wanted to see it so bad. But then life got in the way and I put it out of my mind, knowing things were just too busy. Well Kate didn't and she made it happen! I already count my blessings everyday that I have her in my life, that I have someone that is ALWAYS in my corner...not just when things are going great, but ALWAYS! Then she does things like this that just humble me so much to know she just loves to see me smile, and knows what will do that even more. Thanks my love!
Then there is this, and if I have nothing else, but have this....I would be just fine!
And the music of the is so hard to clear these off my ipod. But don't worry ladies going to S.A.V.E. ....I promise they won't be in the Shuffle this year!!!

So on to doing Inventory for the Corner Store, so we can order lots of new goodies for the new year! Hope everyone enjoys the week and keeps absorbing the season.

Oh and did I mention....I am ROCKIN Guitar Hero III on the Wii!!! (that I will save for another blog :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

This makes me HAPPY!

I love this hat!!!
I love that it was made for me!
I love how warm and comfy it is!
I love this hat!!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Today is Ruby's birthday! She is about half my age, but age truly doesn't matter. This girl has more talent in her little pinky then most will know in a life time. Her potential has no limits, and her heart grows more and more each and everyday.

Ruby and I met thru the wonderful world of scrapbooking, and even if we didn't always see eye to eye, we saw something in each other that we didn't want to give up on. Ruby has been a true sense of support for me over the past months. I never knew how strong she was, or how true of a person she was till it was tested. I am so very blessed to call her my friend, and I cherish her everyday.

Enjoy your birthday today girlfriend! Eat lots of Peppermint ice cream!!!

Another celebration I want to acknowledge is that this lady! (no not merideth) , Kate, is now a Vice President in her company!!! I am so proud of her, and so glad she got the promotion she deserved. She is a very hard working lady, and it is nice to see a company realize that in 3 short years. I love that Josh has such a great role model on work ethics. It will help him thru out his life. Congrats my love....We are going to celebrate big on Sunday!!!

Another great celebration was last night as Josh had to wrestle off for his position. If someone wants to challenge you they can. Josh won 5-4 last night against a kid that last year was throwing him around the mat. It was great to see Josh's determination and that the hard work is paying off.

So 4 more days till Christmas.....makes me a little sad sometimes, I look forward to the build up as much as the actual day I think. But Mom is coming in today and can't wait to spend time with her. Dawn ( Kate's mom) comes in tomorrow and then it is a big family Christmas just waiting to happen!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Letter to Santa....

Just love this letter!
When he asked me if he could write a letter to Santa the other night, I was excited because I love to see him write these every year. When I got the letter handed to me to mail to Santa, I was once again amazed by my son's compassion. He didn't list one toy, or item. He has told me several times that he loves that I don't work at the store anymore, he loves having more family time with us.
That speaks volumes to me. I love being home for him and with him more and more each day. I love being able to do the things I need to do for our family and our home, and also have a great business at the same time. The Online store is going so great and we haven't quite got our website going yet. My customers rock and they are a great group of ladies.
So along with Josh , I wish all families to have a lot of FUN this Holiday season. Don't let it go by without soaking in every moment....we will be having some Wii fun on Christmas day! Can't wait to play!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sign of the Times

This sign was a gift from one of my best friends. Julie will never know how special this was to me. It made me cry when I opened it. Just the fact she took the time and put the thought into this overwhelms me. Julie is one of the most thoughtful woman I have ever met. She is always making others feel very special. She never stops thinking about what she can do to make others feel special. Her positive attitude and her never tiring compassion has just blown me away so many times in the 2 years I have known her. I am so happy that she is my friend, I am more then blessed that she is in my life and my families life.
Thanks again Julie, I will always cherish this, and it will be hanging up soon!
On another note...happy birthday to my friend Steph P. She always makes me laugh, and when I call her to talk she always gives me level headed answers. I admire her for being one of the strongest ladies I know, and such a great Mom! Hope you have a great day and I raise a glass to your day!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Party! Pin! Rest!

In that order!!

Yesterday was our 10th annual Holiday Open House.

It just amazes me every year how many people look so forward to this party.

Comments from some of the guest are just enough to make me teary. I love that the Sheilds told us this year that the kids didn't stop talking about the chocolate fountain for 3 months after last year! I love this!!

Others just telling us how much love they feel in our house. That is so important to Kate and I.

I also love how much Josh looks forward to this party too. He told me Saturday morning that it is like our "other Christmas", because we get the gift of so many friends. Damn he is one special kid!! A little off track, tonight he told me he wanted to write a letter to Santa, because he wanted to ask for more family time, because it is the best present he could get. I am thinking that little movie "home alone" got to him the other night.

Here is one of my favorite shots from the party on Saturday......well that and the hair flip pose Lisa did for me, but she won't let me post anymore pictures of her on my blog!!! (and this one wasn't even of her in her pajamas!!)

I saw these ladies pushing little kids out of the way to get to the chocolate fountain!! ( just kidding, no children were hurt , much!)

After the last guest left last night around 10 pm , it was hit the pillow only to be woken by the wind, ice and a 70 lb dog on my head shivering in fear. So after lots of hugging and calming down, I think I got a few hours sleep. Then it was off to the Wrestling match to watch Josh pin his opponent in about 40 secs. It is great 2 pins , 2 wins for the season! and a big thanks to Karen Russell! thru her blog and a few emails back and forth, I am on my way to getting a few better wrestling shots this year!

So that is it for this busy day, only 9 days left!
Mom comes in town Friday!!! So excited to have her here this year.
Kate's Mom comes in Saturday...first time for them to spend Christmas in 18 years....that just warms my heart.
Then it is a weekend of baking cookies, Peddler's Village and a great Christmas Eve dinner with Friends and Family! I am one lucky womyn to be so blessed in my life. Thanks everyone that supports me each and everyday. My friends, you are truly awesome and amazing to me!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

O Christmas Tree.

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Which is a good thing when you are hosting a holiday party in two days!
We have watched The Grinch, Elf, National Lampon's Christmas Vacation, Frosty, Santa Claus is coming to Town, Polar Express.....and each night or two we see another classic or favorite. Tonight we watched Home Alone for the first time with Josh, that was different to watch as a Mom, I was crying, funny how things are different after children.
So all that is left is lots of cooking tomorrow. Which is a day I look forward to. Salsa, banana bread, and hot chocolate mix. Lots of wrapping to do also, but it will all happen somehow....Christmas magic!
Hope you are all enjoying the holiday, a heart felt happy holidays from me to you. It has been quite a year in alot of ways and I am so blessed to be where I am in life. I love to reflect on the year and realize this.
When things are happening you don't always think they are the best. But if you just take it in faith that everything happens for a reason, and you are not in control of everything, then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So wherever you are in your journey....keep going.
Not sure what made me think about that, but maybe someone who reads this needed it.
So sit down, have a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up with someone and watch a Christmas show....enjoy the holiday.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


These girls make me smile!

wow only 14 days to go!!!

Got my village put up today, got the living room, play room, and almost the dining room and Kitchen all cleaned and ready for the 10th Annual Open House this Saturday!!

I can't wait to have all 70 people over for the day! It is just a great day to see many friends. It really is one of the best days of the season for me. To hear the laughter and the chatter of the day. I will miss some of you that can't make it this year, but you will be in our hearts!

Now back to Santa's workshop....I have a giveaway to get ready for tomorrow!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


or at least the closet thing to it. Ever dream of that perfect day, one that you could write the script to? I do that quite often, and usually end up crumbling the piece of paper up and throwing it towards the trash can. It takes alot to have perfection....but every once in a while, you get to keep that one piece of paper uncrumbled! Yesterday was my day!
It started with the Stillings Family Tree Hunt for the "perfect" tree...really we just love something green and fluffy! We usually find it. Today was no exception.
Josh wanted to cut down the tree, and he found out it was not as easy as it looked.
But together we worked thru the tree and hollered.....T I M B E R !!!
Then Josh, wanted to pull the tree down the hill, and well he landed on his butt at first try!
But he got up, and pulled and pulled again......

and again......
and again......he landed on his BUTT!!!! Laughing the whole time.
Finally he got it moving and he was quite happy with himself!
Then it was down the hill we went to bring our "perfect" tree home!
Our Friends Coreen and Nicole invited us to Philly for the evening. We went to the Wanamaker's Building where they have this wall of lights, and do an old fashion light show, none of the modern lasar lights, just a good old fashion, (looks like a giant light bright) motion and story. It is narrated by the voice of Julie Andrews.

Josh and I layed down on the big red carpet with 100's of other family's and watched the show. I will cherish this moment. It was just fun to watch and know that for many years people have done this same thing with their kids. I love tradition....and I think this one might make it into our life's every year!

How can you not love that smile!
This is what made him smile!
Then it was off to the Dicken's Village, another part of the Holidays in Philly that is rich in Tradition. From what I understand it has been around since 1987 and it is worth a walk thru.
Oh and to have someone read each of the story boards, that makes it even more magical. Josh was riveted!
and what would a perfect day be without a surprise Hanuka parade of cars, all fitted with Menorahs! Oh that just made me smile. How fun to celebrate the holidays.
So it is Sunday morning and I am getting ready to go and start to set up the concession stand for Wrestling today. Josh has his first Varsity match and we are very excited. Hope everyone finds ways to make the holiday season Perfect for them!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So we went to see the big guy.....

Yep the one and only..... SANTA!!!
He was so cool giving Josh a high five!
They did some whispering and I couldn't hear anything!
Josh said he only asked for 2 things.
Hope he is on the GOOD list this year.

Having fun with the advent boxes....Josh got some pokemon cards, and tonight he got to pick what we would have for dinner.
Chicken Enchiladas it is!

Have been working on the house more. Today I hope to finish the closet, caulk and paint the trim one more time, and then finish the red paint into the kitchen. I want to take it to the cabinets so it has a stopping place. Tomorrow I am going to IKEA to get this and 8 of these
So excited!!!
and even more excited I won the Football pool last night so that is an extra 300 dollars to put towards these new beauties!
I needed 45 points or more last night , so I was the fan wanting scores, not caring who got them!
Don't you know in the 3rd quarter they got to 44 points 24 to 20 and then no one could score...they just kept going back and forth!!! It was so hard to watch...I was sure for a little while I would just be 1 point away from it all. But then the Patriots pulled it out (with a LOT of luck) and got the winning TD! Whew.....IKEA here I come!!!

Ok back to work....only 21 days to go till Christmas!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Let the countdown begin!!

Made these little advent boxes this weekend. Josh is very excited to open them each day. We are doing different things, some charity, some presents, some special events. I love his excitement.

Today we are going to see Santa. Josh is ready to go see the big guy and let him know what he would like him to bring. I am so happy I get to go and get the picture. I love having that picture every year. It brings the magic back to me everytime.

Had a FANTASTIC weekend with girlfriends!!! We scrapped the weekend away from Friday to Sunday. Laughed, cryed from laughing, ate way more then I should have, and got so much done in the way of christmas gifts. I am making 90% of my gifts so I needed a really great weekend to work on them.

The dining room is on the agenda today. I just have the shoe molding and the one step trim to go. Then it is off to IKEA on Wednesday to pick up the dining room table and chairs. Then it is Decorating full force!!! I can't believe I have less then two weeks before our Holiday Open house and over 50 people coming. I can't wait....this is just my favorite party of the year to have friends come and have holiday cheer with us!

Got the living room done last night, the curtains are back up and except for removing the carpet and doing the flooring this room is done. We hopefully will do that after the holidays.

Need to go and look for a fixed lens for my Nikon too. I was reading on Karen's blog about the pictures she takes of her son wrestling, and in order to get the settings I need a new lens. I can't wait to try this out.

Hope everyone is getting excited about the is truly a wonderful time of year to take time to be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life, and let those around you know how much you love them.