Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tomorrow is Friday!

Yes I know today is Thursday, and it is Valentine's Day! But tomorrow is Friday...and that is exciting!

Friday I get to go on a roadtrip with some great gal pals!! We are headed to Scrapbowl 2008!!! I can't really explain how excited I am to be doing this. I love that I get to go and scrapbook, take classes, laugh and have just some silly fun. It is a treat for me, because when you own a scrapbook store and a Scrapbook retreat are usually working these events while everyone else is having fun! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE what I do, but getting to do it on the other end is just really exciting. So Trish, Deena and I are meeting tomorrow morning and we are heading out on our Road trip. We are already plugging a few stops into "Betsy" and I can't wait to visit the Paper Source in Georgetown!!! I have seen some really cool stuff from there and want to go and touch and buy some! Hope to hit a scrapbook store also along the way....then it is on to Scrapbowl! Where we will start the evening with a private reception with Stacey Julian, then she is also the keynote speaker. Class with Stacey in the morning and then another class with Shimelle Laine. Then the rest of the time hanging and laughing and just enjoying! There are 11 of us in our group, I love these girls!!

So I went out to the salon yesterday and got my hair colored....I am loving it!

It was getting just a bit too dark!

I also created a layout!

Feels so good to have my mojo back! I love the all the inspiration out there right now, Girls on my message board have been creating at great rates. It is fun to be able to share our creations with each other and inspire each other. It is like being at a virtual crop everyday!!

I also wanted to let everyone know , THANKS for all the great well wishes for Josh at his tourney this past weekend. He took 2nd place!!! He wrestled harder then I have ever seen him, and he really wanted to win the championship. He did lose 0-2 . He came up againest a great little wrestler that was a 6th grader. Josh only being in 2nd grade....didn't feel so bad after he found that out. He was quite upset he lost tho.

So everyone have a great V Day....but remember there are 365 days a year to show your love.


  1. Have fun scrappin', hope you get lots done. And I like the "lighter" you, great for the spring and summer.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! You gotta love girl/scrappy time all wrapped into one!

    I just love your LO, fab!

    And a very big CONGRATS to Josh, such a great accomplishment! WTG Josh!

  3. Rollie,
    I got your message the other day but haven't had a chance to call. Hoping to call this week....Terry's out of town for the next 2 weeks for training in Philly so I'm sure I'll have a bit more time!! Hope you had a blast this weekend. Wish I could have snuck ther with you. Miss scrappin' with you and Trish, Deena, Linda, Sue,...
    Talk to you soon!