Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From Colon Cleaner to an Owl Broom!

What do you get when you take 4 silly girls, a bottle of Colon cleaner, some sunglasses and an Owl Broom?


Ok so this is one of those "Had to be there" kind of post....but it is one that I am glad I was there.

I have to tell you it is GREAT to take a day and be with your girlfriends for a few hours, just to laugh and forget that the world is out there. To be in your own little world. I have really found out over the past few months that that is important!

So our day started out with a little lunch, and of course when you have a wall of hot sauce bottles with names like "Colon Cleaner" it is a photo opp waiting to happen! Then when you think you can't laugh anymore you head over to Starbucks and find the Owl Broom , and there again, what does it scream? PHOTO OPP!

Course when you have the cutest little 5 year old on the planet with you wearing her sunglasses it just doesn't get any better then that! So here's to you Sydney Lu!!! And I will be back to challenge you in Boxing!! Put your dukes up!

1 comment:

  1. OMG, what a fun day! I swear I'm going back to the thrift store for "Grandpa in a basket"!