Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So glad for a little sparkle!

Ok, I am here to admit, I was shaking a little this morning with excitement as I opened the 3 boxes of Thicker Love! Roller Rink ( pictured here) , Playroom...little felt beauties that make my girlfriend Ruby shutter! , and Jewerly box....with just the right amount of shimmer! All IN STOCK at the Corner store....YEP Even before most are heading to CHA next week to purchase them....I will be here already playing with them :) You can be too....just give me a shout and order them! You can email me @ scrappinawayvacations@verizon.net , or Go to the S.A.V.E. message board and see all the current inventory in stock!

3 Coaches albums done!! Banquet tonight, pictures tomorrow.

Josh got sick in the middle of the night last night. There is nothing like your child being sick to remind you how much you love them. He wants to do nothing but cuddle up with me. I just took a little break while he finally fell asleep. Poor little guy is not doing well, he wants to eat, we do a little toast....we do more in the bucket ( repeat) . So I am just trying to keep him hydrated at this point. I see alot of spongebob in my afternoon.

So other then Thicker love and Josh love.....I continue to just love life! Enough said


  1. I hope Josh feels better soon. Big Hugs being sent his way.

  2. Hope Josh is back to himself soon, that stomach virus is a bad one this year. Enjoy your snuggle time!