Sunday, June 29, 2008

It is Sunday!

Can't stop taking pictures of the beautiful landscape up here.
It is just amazing and I could stare at it all day.
Oh and this was Moose # 5 on our trip!!! Cute little baby.
This is my new little buddy Logan. He is just the cutest little guy and he even called our room this morning to say good morning. He is all of 4 years old and has been such a joy.
Hey I found the place to wear my Hat! It fits right in up here!!

And I know this because everyday that you get in an elevator on the ship it has a plate in the floor that tells you what day it is! I just find this really funny. Because you do loose track of what day it is sometimes when you are on vacation, and especially when you are out to sea. So I am so glad they keep us informed with this plate in the elevator that tells us.

We have just docked in Juneau, Alaska the state capital, and where we will be taking a river raft down the river thru the Mendenhall Glacier. We are very excited about this trip, and a little adventure.
Josh has made a few little buddies, and He finally was ready to come back to the room about 12:30 am last night. They have such a great program on this ship. There are 350 kids on this boat and you would never know there are any sometimes. They are all up in programs playing with kids their own age and having fun. They have been playing dodgeball, and Josh's new favorite Gagaball. They also have arts and crafts and other fun things. It is really great. Yesterday we saw him at lunch and dinner, besides that we got ditched and he was all smiles and telling us about his day.
Kate and I spent a good hour on the deck yesterday just staring at the Hubbard Glacier, it is such an amazing sight. We saw some small calving and just heard the booms from inside the glacier. The ice was amazing in the water around us. You get a better sense of what the Titanic must have gone thru, and we were still 1/2 mile from the glacier.
Not much else to report, the food is fantastic and we relaxed all day while we were out to sea. Today in the glacier I am not taking my digital, we bought disposable cameras since we will be on a river raft. So not sure I will get to share the pictures from today anytime soon.
So off to breakfast and then some adventure!!


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    hahahaha...not the Hat! It looks so beautiful up there Rollie. Thanks for posting. Mel

  2. Still looks like you're having a great time- So happy for you guys!! Good thing you remembered to pack that hat!!

  3. you look like you are having so much fun! we had such limited internet that I took a full and complete vacation from the computer this past week, but I am really glad you didn't so I could catch up with your trip this morning. Can't wait to see more! Miss you! Trish

  4. Dale Rush7:41 PM

    Hey Guys! As Daryl has dictated to me "Sorry about the sub-below temperatures! You wouldn't know if you weren't wearing that racoon on your head!"

  5. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Hey Guys! Sorry about that.. As Connie dictated to not Daryl - he's to serious for anything like that!

  6. Love the photos, thanks for the update. The cruise sounds wonderful. :)

  7. I love hearing your stories and seeing your pictures! Alaska is beautiful!


  8. Looks like the trip of a life time> such gorgeous views and it sounds so relaxing!

    Enjoy and I just love that hat.

  9. ha! that hat! i love it! omw, what a fantastic trip!