Friday, January 13, 2006

Good morning !

I am so excited to be blogging finally !
I think I have made a few blogs but never started them and now I have done it !
I promised myself this year I would start blogging and I owe the last little push to my friend and business partner Sarah ...thanks girlfriend for starting your blog :)
What a foggy morning , I am going to go and take a picture of Josh in the fog. The other day he said " Mom it is really foggy out today" , It hit me then that he wasn't saying " Mom it is really froggy out today" ! For so long he had said froggy for foggy , I wrote it down and wanted to do a page about it using Skate shoppe from basicgrey , and now it is a must ...he is growing up so fast ! It is the little things that remind you .

I am getting very excited about the next few weeks , first is the Scrappin Away Vacation Weekend. I love running this little retreat company , it was my first "JUMP" I took for myself , it is actually a success and I love doing the weekends. Then VEGAS !! I am going to my first CHA show and I am like a kid going to a big Candy store ! It is going to be very fun meeting the people I talk on the phone with and place orders with , also looking at all the new wonderful releases from all the wonderful companies. Then the real fun is when we get back to memory lane, pa and we can show all our customers the great and wonderful things we saw! I am going to try and blog while I am there .
Anyone else going ?

So I can check off one more of my "goals" of 2006! I started blogging!


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  1. Thanks for giving me the incentive to start blogging as well, Rollie and Sarah! It's fun stuff.
    See you on Sat.