Saturday, January 14, 2006

Words are the best !

Just the smallest changes in your child are so big in your own life. Ever since Josh could talk whenever it was foggy outside he would say "it is really froggy out" I just loved this little quirk of his and no matter how many times I tried to teach him the correct way to say it he would say "froggy" . Well as he approaches being 6 years old next month I have noticed lots of changes. One that stopped me in my steps the other day was as we walked out on our front porch and he said " Mommy, it is very foggy today " . I actually felt myself welling up with tears! He no longer said that cute froggy thing!!! It continues to amaze me as he grows and I notice all the little things that make me realize it .
I also noticed that there are days I catch myself saying things I never thought I would say . I of course am going to scrap this very soon . As I got a wonderful picture of Josh in the Fog , bg ollie paper and some great journaling ! Don't let the moments slip by !!

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