Monday, January 16, 2006

All in a day ....

Today I haven't stopped. Starting with this morning going out for breakfast with my friend Robin and her son Hunter. We even let the boys have ice cream for desert ! We were the cool moms ! Then a little bit of a play date , off to afternoon kindergarden , in which I stayed to volunteer my time helping . I love that time I get to give time to the class. They are so wonderful just to watch and see how different 25 children around the same age can be. It was also fun to hear my son answering the questions right and then watching as the teacher rewarded his table for following directions and gettting a sticker on thier paw print . I watched him as he beamed with pride over his reward . Then it was off to memory lane, pa to do some ordering of those wonderful prima flowers and sara binders ! Then the accountant ...which was very interesting . It is always scarey when you wait to see what all those numbers mean and what that "bottom line" is . Off to have a drink with my dear friend Steph , she was there helping me pack up for the Scrappin Away Vacation weekend . We had a great time playing Funky Munky ! I won of course :)
Now to blog , do a little surfing and off to bed !! I just love bloggin !

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