Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sweet Dreams my little one ....

Yes the time stamp is correct, it is 4am! Josh woke for about the 3rd time this week with a bad dream and crawled in bed with us. I am not sure what it is causing the dreams. We try and make sure we do everything to wind him down at night . Sometimes I feel he is again alot like me and his mind forgets to go to sleep when his body does. a 5 year old needs to relax more!!
So once I am awake I can not go back to sleep what do you do when you can't sleep ? I thought I would come check out mlpa message board , and then watch a little T.V. Hopefully I will get an hour or so more before I have to get up .
Alot to do today to get ready for our big trip to CHA in Las Vegas !!
Will write more soon.

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