Friday, January 20, 2006

I miss him already.

I am only about 1 hour away from my family , but I already miss them. I missed my bedtime hugs and kisses last night and I am missing the cutest little "good morning Mom" this morning. I will call the house soon so I can hear his voice. It is amazing how just 6 years ago I didn't have those things , but now I can not imagine my life without them. I am getting ready to great about 100 womyn at my weekend retreat in the Poconos. I am very excited about this , I LOVE running these retreats. I am also lucky because Josh and Kate will be heading up here tonight and be with me for the rest of the weekend. I love this hobby and love that my family never has to be too far away ! Owning memory lane, pa with my friend and business partner Sarah Larson has also been so wonderful , our families do support us all the way , even those long evenings when we are searching for the latest and greatest products for the store. So it is time to get a shower and grab a bite to eat , 2 hours and the ladies will be arriving to crop the weekend away !
Josh I miss you ! See you soon !!

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