Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The last piece !

Nothing like a finished job. I must say sometimes I feel there is nothing finished in my life. Not that I want everything finished , but finishing this floor was a great feeling.
2 days
418 sq feet
one SORE body
All worth it as we are now at least back in our room and not on the couch anymore.
Tommorrow starts the painting !
Here are a few shots of the room ...
This was the end of day one.

Josh wanted to help also . He is such a great helper !

Oh also as a side note, Steph I had a GREAT time cropping with you Saturday night ! It is so fun to crop with your friends !!


  1. Laura7:30 AM

    Looks awsome Rollie! Completing a large task is such a great feeling. Great job....

  2. Kim Burns8:08 AM

    I am laughing my ass off!!! I am in work and have tears running down my face! You got me Rolanda!!!

  3. Stephanie P1:47 PM

    very very funny! I had a lots of fun too. kim is going to be very jealous that my name is on your blog and her's is not!!!! :)

  4. Kim Burns3:26 PM

    Ummm Stephanie...I'm not jealous because I made it on her blog twice already!!! Plus, don't forget that I have other "friends" too that I crop with!

  5. Awesome job on the floor, Rollie. I know you are feeling good about it.