Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary Baby !

WOW ! WOW! WOW! 8 years ago today we committed our lives to one another . WOW ! Cape may , 50 people, 2 hearts committed to 1 love.
One of the greatest , happiest , most wonderful days of my life.
It is quite ironic that on our 8th anniversary those idiots are trying to tell us how much we shouldn't be together . It is amazing that they think they know what "God" wants for everyone. I know our God shines his love on us everyday . The God I know , loves us and blesses us everyday , our love could not be as strong or as wonderful without God in our lifes. So no matter what those people in Harrisburg think is right or how they vote today , they can't take away what we have. They may never recongnize what we have , but we already know what we have. So to my dearest , most wonderful , amazing life partner .....Happy Anniversary !!

Joshism for today :
J: Mom I think I speak French .
M: Why do you think that ?
J: Because sometimes no one understands what I am saying. Sometimes I don't even understand what I am saying ....so it must be french.

How can you not crack up over that? He actually just comes up with this stuff....I have to find a shirt for him..." I make stuff up " !

Went and saw the movie "Click" WOW ! Great story, worth seeing . Nothing earthshattering in acting , but the whole concept is just amazing. We are all rushing thru life , this will give you a little different insight.


  1. Congrats Rollie and Kate! Despite what happens today, you two have the comittment and the love of a true family. Josh is a lucky boy!

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