Thursday, July 27, 2006

my little clown !

Yes he is ! he will do anything for a laugh .
He says to me today ...Mom sometimes it is hard to get you to laugh.
I said ....oh I am sorry .
He says: No mom ....I like the challenge !
(That made me laugh)
He is one character ....and everyday I see more and more of myself in him. From the emotional highs and lows . To the always thinking about the other guy. He is a true reflection of me. Which in some ways is not the best ! I can only hope he takes the best of me and makes it his own , and of course better !
I truely love him and I never want to imagine my world without him.
Even when it comes to the times you wish didn't happen. ....
oh yes we had one of those today.
Why ...why do people lie?
Well today Josh lied to me ....oh yes it was an earth shattering lie...(insert sarcastic look ) He actually lied to me and told me he washed his hands in the bathroom.
Well, not sure if this is true for all 6 year olds ...but I have never seen him completely dry his hands , after washing them.
He comes out of the bathroom with the driest hands ever.
Knowing he is lying ....I give him another chance as I pose the question for the second time. " Did you wash your hands?"
Still he can look right at me and utter the word " Yes"
Then it is the bend down look him in the face and say " Josh did you wash your hands after you just went to the bathroom"
Then the truth ! "No"
As he turns to go back to the bathroom to wash his hands....I know that I have to make sure he realizes (again) how much I don't want him to lie...even about the small things.
So the punishment is handed down for lying.
Then the other issue I usually have with Josh is it takes him about 24 hours before he will come with that heartfelt apology.
This time my shock took 5 mins!!!! I felt this beam of light come over me...he had learned something ....of course at this point you have that split second of lifting the sentence handed down. Then reality comes back into view and you know you have to reward the good , but still have a lesson to teach.
So I did tell Josh how proud I was of him for the apology , but that he still had to pay the consequences for lying. He understood. He also said later in the day that he really wished he hadn't lied.
So not a stellar day for Josh and I ...he knew I was upset with him , and pretty much walked on egg shells around me today . I can only hope tomorrow is a bit better , and we did go to bed with a big hug and a kiss...and of course an "I love you " !


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