Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My happiness today....

this has to be my favorite time of the morning in my favorite spot.
I would love to see this each and every morning for the rest of my life.
But *slap* back to reality! I am lucky to see this for a week in RB , loved having that.
I am not sure what today will bring . It didn't start with a beautiful sunrise , but it did start with a great sonrise. Here is a little bit of it.

J: Mom when I was at Nick's yesterday , his brother Zach said he loved ice cream sandwiches more then his mom. You shouldn't love anything more then your Mom! I don't !!

Now is there anyway better to start your day then that?

So even tho I don't have a beautiful sunrise each day to watch , I am even more blessed that I have my own personal "sonrise" to witness each and every day.

I am not feeling to much like getting out of bed....I would love to just lay around today and do just about nothing to put it plain and simple. But that just isn't possible today . So I am hoping to find motivation in a great cup of coffee . Lots to get done today , some of it might get done , some might not. It is all ok !!

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  1. denise4:09 PM

    kenny always says "what's so great about a sunrise . . .is see it everyday" . . . he doesn't know how spoiled he is! hope you add that to your "you say the neatest things album".