Friday, July 21, 2006

I love living in the country ...

this is from our bedroom door. This is a view we watch almost nightly . Each night after these two were born we have had Mom and the twins in the backyard around dinner time. We have watched lately as Mom has been letting the twins wander further and further away. Tonight they all came in the yard as usual and then we looked and Mom must have gone back into the woods , but the twins were just hanging out. They were both just laying around. Even when I came and opened the back door to snap some shots. They didn't even move.
I love that we get to see these wonderful creatures up close . Josh loves when he spots them , and sneaks to tell us. We sit and just watch them.
Of course as I watched this , I was also thinking about how we as Moms do the same thing. We let our children have more and more freedom. It is a scarey thing...knowing you have to let them go so they can fend for themself.
We went to the local carnival last night as we were walking around , I was very aware of kids walking around in their little "gangs" . I turned to Kate at one point and said, " Do we really have to let him go at some point and not be here ." It scared me even as I said it. But I know there is going to be that first time he comes to me and wants to go out with his friends .
I had thought of lurking behind bushes !
Will I be ready when he is ?
I am so not ready yet, but glad I don't have to be yet!
I hope the little deers are safe today, hope I get to see them again soon.
You know Mom was lurking in the woods , watching every move !


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