Sunday, July 30, 2006

Culture is a great thing to offer our little ones

All I can say again is WOW ! I saw this show 7 years ago. Kate wanted to take me to a broadway show for my was the 1st of January and she said you should call , because for a good show it could be a 6 month wait. So I called and told the lady on the other end that I would like 2 tickets to see Lion King in June. She kind of chuckled a little chuckle and asked " What Year?"
I truly thought she was joking around with me , and I said 1998 of course. Laughing along with her. She then informed me that there were no seats available till Feb of 1999. Over a year wait to see this show. Now I had only just been to my first broadway musical in 1995. I saw Cats!! LOVED IT !! I was so hooked. I couldn't believe it took me till I was 35 years old to see my first broadway musical.
So we booked the tickets for June of 1999, we of course still wanted to go and see a play so we also booked "Rent" for that June! (that is a whole other story) what a play !!
So the point to this....well 7 years later we now have Josh and what a perfect excuse to see this musical again !! He was going to go and see his first musical at age 6 . Well he loved it ...he laughed . He asked "is it over" everytime the curtain came down , or the stage darken. Yeah that got a bit comical and annoying . He would say " Is that it?" Spoken with disappointment in his voice.
It was so great to watch this musical again . I cryed , I laughed, I watched his eyes and how glued he was to every movement on the stage.
I was so happy that Kate and I could take him to see this great play. It was also nice he knew the story so he could follow along much easier. (Less explaining on our part).
As I looked around the theatre , I also was just amazed at how many kids were there. It is wonderful to see kids getting some culture.
Well I am a bit mushy this weekend, lots of reflecting , it has been an amazing year in alot of ways. It is good to reflect on the good .
So if you can ....take your children to a play . There are lots of great local playhouses that have children plays. We love to go to the Sellersville theatre .

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