Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh when the Saints .....come marching in....

Oh I just can't get that song out of my head!!!

Yes this is your eagles hating blog for the day!

Can't help it, too fun!

I do love my eagle fan friends, and this is always all in fun, (altho some of them get a bit touchy.) All of them go else where to watch the playoffs. They don't like my snickering and cheering when they are otherwise quiet. Or yelling bad words. Which I find Eagle fans do alot.

I do also understand why they are so frigin angry all the time and a bit touchy. Wouldn't you be too if your team just couldn't win the big ones? I would too if I didn't have anything to even look back at ( Like the 3 superbowls the Raiders have one) and smile about. Knowing at least once (or 3 times) your team was the Best of the Best and you could take pride in that! So don't give up hope my little Birdie friends...remember your motto.... .NEXT YEAR!!! You really should have the t-shirts printed.

Ok now on to fun things...well that was just a little fun!

Yes , Josh has lost his 2nd was so funny he came running down the hallway and he was a little freaked out that his tooth was missing and ummmmmm he had sallowed it. We explained it wasn't the first time someone had done that and he would be just fine. It is so weird to think that it happens all the time. I don't remember it and actually don't want to.

We are off to our next wrestling match today, I am signing off here to go get the donuts and pretzels for the snack stand.
We also just signed Josh up for Lacrosse starting in May ...oh this is one sport I am not so sure of but I am sure he will love it. Going to go buy all the protection there is for him! LOL oh yeah that includes a "cup" oh this should be an interesting conversation between Josh and two moms!
Hey Have a great day and PEACE!!


  1. N A S T Y!!!! NASTY!!!

  2. Anonymous3:57 PM

    At least they made it. Where was you team during the palyoffs?