Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday .....lets go!

So it is done, the holiday season is over and we are into the playoffs! Well I am having more fun heckling my Eagle fan friends then anything else , since my boys sucked the big wad this year...this decade. It was so funny talking to Josh this year, he REALLY got into watching and following football and has lots of opinions about the NFL. We got talking about Tampa Bay and I got him a ball that shows that Tampa bay won the superbowl in 2002. He was so excited since this is his favorite team this year. It all started last year , Pirates are all that and so Tampa Bay became his team. Yes it broke a piece of my heart, but I also loved that he was making his own choices. Now he knows his teams key players and loves watching them. Well except when they lose (which was alot this year) he had days he actually cryed. It was kinda cute he was that into it.
Well anyway in explaining that TB won, I had to tell him who they beat. THAT HURT! To relive that day again. He was only 2 and doesn't remember that superbowl. But I will say his dislike for the Eagles does make me proud!! It is all in fun but we do love teasing our Eagle fan friends.

So we watch the last few weeks of football and cherish all the games even tho our teams are done. We hope for next year!

Getting ready to go to the store, with list for my list. Lots going on right now with S.A.V.E. coming up , then off to California for CHA . Get back home in time to have Josh's birthday party! I just can't BELIEVE he is going to be 7 YEARS OLD!!! UGH someone make it stop!!!

We will have his birthday party on Superbowl Sunday and then the Superbowl party following. Should be a nice full day. He will love that we are celebrating on Superbowl Sunday , he loves football so much.

Have a great day and take 5 pictures today, just of ordinary life.....create a page about today!

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