Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What it is all about!

"my little sunshine, you make me happy when skys are grey"

So I often wonder in the day what Josh is doing in school. I hope he is learning and in the back of my mind I hope that he thinks of me once in a while and maybe misses me just a little. Well my little amazing guy blew me away again! Tuesday he came home and started unpacking his backpack and was very excited to give me what you see above. Yes of course tears welled up in my eyes and I think I might of squeezed him a bit much. He made this during some free time he had in the morning at school. A time when he could play with his friends or do a number of other things, he sat down and wrote out the song I have been singing him since he was a baby. A song that I sing less often to him now, but still every once in a while when I tuck him in.

After a weekend of high emotions and focus on alot of different things, this little piece of paper grounded me. Once again my miracle boy brought everything back to center. He is just one amazing little boy that I am so lucky to have for a son. He pays attention to the little things and he was so proud of himself, knowing he had made my day. Damn I am so blessed!!!

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  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    geez girl i thought i was done crying for a while . . .that is so precious. d