Sunday, June 24, 2007

are you feeling the love?


I have so many things to say and feelings going on I don't know if my fingers can keep up.

I will try tho...

Yesterday my friends and my wonderful soul mate got me!

They had a Surprise Birthday party for me.

Now I am not easily surprised....I often find out, one way or another.

Not this time.

My dear friend Trish had invited Kate, Josh and I to a BBQ at her house for Saturday afternoon, harmless invite I thought. I mean she has invited us numerous times over the past couple years and we had yet been able to make it. Why would I think it was anything else.

It wasn't a 40th, or a 50th, because those you basically know something is coming.

So my tricky, tricky friend and her Hubby have been meeting with Kate for secret lunches I find out last night. Hmmmmmmmm

I find out everyone around me has been in on this....well I must say they did a good job of not spilling the beans, and some of them like Kim had to actually stay away from me so she wouldn't. Some I see or talk to almost everyday and they didn't spill it. Very Very good!

So anyway we arrive and I don't know where in hell they hid the cars but there was nothing suspicious, I was wondering why Trish wasn't coming to the door to greet us, but I just opened the door and walked in. Then through the back windows I see my friends Nic and Coreen, and then Linda and Jo and I am thinking .."wow Trish didn't tell me she invited more people" I thought it was just us coming. Then it clicked as I see the balloons and the tent that there is more going on. So finally I put it all together.

I think I then turned to Trish and called her a bitch! I couldn't believe that they got one over on me, and I couldn't believe that they were throwing me a birthday party. That was so nice! I was in shock and just thinking how lucky I was to have all these great friends.

It was cool to have friends from all different parts of my life there.
My sis even made it, poor thing had such a bad day with a flat tire and a long week on the road. I had even just talked to her hours before the party and she was very good, no hints and I thought I would just see her next Saturday in Rehoboth.
Sarah I had just seen at the store and she had just told me this whole thing about just hanging out with her family for the afternoon, and had casually just asked me what I was doing for the afternoon...and I had said "Going to a BBQ at Trish's" She thought that was nice....oh she was good!

So we had a great time, I got to see alot of people, and great food also!

- It isn't a party till there is margarita in the diaper bag
- Wait till you see the driver cover for my golf club (picture to follow)
- Laurie (Trish's Mom) Makes one awesome cake
- Sam Jones made me an awesome birthday card!
- Jen made me another Jen original piece of pottery!!!!
- Ruby knows me too well getting me a starsbuck gc!
- Going to get new golf clubs today, thanks to the group gift card! You guys ROCK!
-Telling Patrick he is going to the beach Saturday (so he can ask his Mom everyday this week..."after this sleep Mommy?"
- John bringing out his guitar and playing!

So Kate and Trish you can honestly say you got me..... You guys are the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Birthdays are special to me, I love to celebrate them. None of us knows how lucky we are to have one every year and how blessed we are to be able to be with the ones we love one more year. I never take a day for granite and I cherish my friends. Today I am feeling the love!

Thank you so much everyone! You all are so important in my life.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    happy birthday my friend. sorry i wasn't able to be there . . . i look forward to celebrating on wednesday. it's so great when someone get's to pull one over on ya!


  2. So great that you didn't know! Trish and Kate really wanted it to be a surprise. Lots of people were in this, so we were worried the secret wouldn't keep. Glad it did, and glad you had a great day! Sorry I had to miss the guitar, but Baby Ella had had it.
    Happy Birthday, my friend!

  3. Lisa M. Pace1:41 AM

    Happy Belated Birthday. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Wishing you all the best and many many more to come.

  4. Awww, that's so cool!!! Love all that scheming!! Sounds like a fun time!!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Laura Foreman6:23 PM

    Sounds cool! Glad they could fool you and make you feel special. We all need that sometimes! Happy Birthday!