Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Treated myself...

to a little me time, which I use for a code name: Scrap time!
I did this in about 30 minutes, and I am loving it.
Slapped some paint around.
Used some Thickers( my favorite thing right now)
and did a little journaling.

Lots of busy going on, the list would scare me.
Won't be home this weekend much, we have Kristina Contes coming to the store.
Then it is off to the Sanner Farm on Sunday!! (Excited for this trip!!)

Josh is busy, which makes us busy.
Two nights a week for Wrestling practice.
Two nights a week for Lacrosse.
He is loving the wrestling with Bobby Weaver, the improvement is amazing already.

Off to bed.....well after I watch Deadliest Catch!

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