Sunday, June 03, 2007

Race day!

Josh did his first ever race today.

1 mile fun run for kids, the Heart association puts it on and this was the 7th annual.

What a great fun day and we had so much fun just being part of it.

I had some fear that he wouldn't be able to finish a mile, silly me.

I also worried because you couldn't see them the whole time, yes it was seconds but they seemed like hours, ok maybe minutes.

Then he came down the home stretch of the mile and he still had kick left.

He finished 30th overall, kids ranging in age from 4- 16 years old.

He finished 4th among the 7 year old division.

I was so proud of him, he really showed me once again that he can do whatever he puts his mind too.

Once again, he is my hero...showing me the determination he has.

He wants me to look for more races, he just had this beaming glow going on, he loved it.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    love the look of determination on his face as he's running . . . he is one focused young man.

    wtg josh.


  2. He is turning out to be quite an athlete - love the pictures of him running too.

  3. Great pictures!! Congrats to him for finishing it and finishing it great!