Saturday, June 02, 2007

Questions answered.

Thanks everyone this was fun, and I have to say you all made me think. Some questions were harder then others, some made me really think about thinks I don't usually think about.

Regina said...
How does Kate feel about your scrapbooking? Does she ever scrapbook herself?
Kate loves that I scrapbook. I remember shortly after I started scrapbooking in 2003, she said I was a better person because I scrapbooked. It gave me my artistic outlet. She does not scrapbook, has no desire to.

Laurel Burns said...
I'll play along! I'm full of questions.1) How did you and Kate meet?
We met at a Fantasy Football Draft party. As close to love at first site as I know.
2) We all know that you are one of the owners of the best lil scrapbook store EVER, but what other jobs have you had?
Lifeguard, Worked on a farm milking cows and bailing hay. courier, manager of many different retail stores, artist air brushing ceramics. Painter, well drilling, exterminator, product developer for an importer, administrative assistant, accountant, worked in a factory that made football helmets, crayola factory; made Model magic. Swim instructor, camp director...I know there is probably more but that is all I can think of now.
3) You have access to all the "latest and greatest" scrapping supplies and tools, but what is your top "go-to" item that you use on nearly every LO?
I have to say it would have to be chipboard and rub ons if it is every layout one of those items will be on the page.
What is the one item or technique that you really aren't fond of and probably wouldn't use on a page?
I do not use stickers much anymore
Are there any techniques that intimidate you (like alcohol inks intimidate me)?
I really have a hard time with bright colors.
Kim B. said...
When will you let your son marry me?
June 19th
Would you ever consider entering a beauty pageant?LOL Trish
Actually have and won Miss Congeniality, and 4th Runner are so funny!
How old were you when you set out on your own? (As in moved out of parents' home) :)Marlene I was 18 years old.
Ruby said...
Hmm I'll play- if you could have one thing (money wasn't an option, and it has to be like a worldly "thing" not world peace) what would it be and why??
I would have to say, if it has to be "worldly" I would love a beach house, I would love to wake every morning and walk on the beach, watch the dolphins and just soak in the morning as the water, earth and sun awake one another. That is what I do for one week a year in Rehoboth, and I would love to do that everyday.
Julie said...
Rollie, you are a very strong and independent woman, very adventurous and full of life, tell me what SCARES you. It can be anything and everything from spiders to death.
My biggest fear is not getting to watch Josh grow up. I take everyday and love him as much as I can.
Andi said... about if you could be a character in any book - which would you pick?
I would love to be a character in one of Mary Higgins Clark's books, one of the detectives solving the cases...I love figuring things out. thinking, am you have any regrets, and if so, what are they?Stuffie
I don't really have regrets, does that sound bad?
Laura Foreman said...
Good one! I believe that EVERYONE should have the right to be married.
Alex Foreman said...
When can Josh Come over to play?
This has to be my FAVORITE QUESTION! Alex as soon as you call and set it up buddy, he misses you very very much.
Lisa said...
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
7:35 AM


  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I need the picture!!!!!!! LOL! Trish

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Cool bloggin'!! Learned lots about you today when I read this.


  3. Laurel Burns7:30 AM

    Great to see the answers, but who won??