Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer is here!

Wow it has been a week since I blogged. It hasn't been a week since I thought about blogging tho. It is one of those things that I want to do, but by the end of the day I just don't have the energy sometimes. Getting old stinks!!

Sooooooo..... let's see what's been going on.

Josh is a 2nd grader now! YIKES! How does this frigin happen so fast. He received an award for Most Improved Reader this year. I was so very proud of him, because at the beginning of the year he was so frustrated with reading, he wanted to just be able to do it. He didn't like the fact he couldn't just do it. He had to work at it, but now is a reading machine, loves it and wants more. He has little trouble with many words and he is proud of himself....which is so great to see.

This weekend was my little sis's birthday, we celebrated at the White Dog Cafe in Philly....great food and a wonderful time had by all. I made her a chipboard purse mini album. Forgot to get pictures, have to do that next time I see her. Which will be Rehoboth!

Yesterday I went golfing with my friends Lynette/Nancy and Denise joined us too. It was loads of fun and I shot a 105...best of the season so far! Denise held her own also, for the first time out this year( or maybe in a few years) she shot a 119! I just love going out on Mondays to play.
I will miss it for the next month as Mondays are no longer mine for a while. But hope to even find a nice Sunday to go play soon.

So summer is here....Josh is out of school and the balance act begins. I have it pretty much planned out till the end of July. Josh should only have to spend the next two days at the store all day with me, then he will have things to do. This is the one part of owning a store that is hard for me. I just hate having to have josh at the store all day. It is so boring for him. But we will get thru the next two days and he is a trooper. Probably bothers me more then him.

Josh got a new bike...a little present from his Moms! He had outgrown the other one from last summer. So the big 20" bike is here now. It is hard since there are no sidewalks here and I won't let him ride in the street. So we packed up the bike last night and went to the park to ride. He did great, and loved riding. We will ride alot in Rehoboth....Kate and I love taking him for rides around town...it has great memories since that is where he learned to ride without training wheels a couple years ago.

So tonight is K.D. Lang at the Mann....we are so excited to be going. I got this for Kate's birthday present..she loves K.D. and this should be a fun night. I love listening to concerts at the Mann, it is a great summer concert place!

I started taking the Jessica Sprague On line class last night. I am so very excited to learn about Photoshop Elements 5.0 . I know I could probably never go digital all the way, but I do love all the brushes and neat titles you can do in it. I also want to learn more about editing my photos. So I guess I could be a "hybrid". I have been called worse.

Well it is off to the store. I need to go wake sleeping beauty in the other room...I think he is enjoying the extra sleep this week!


  1. Love the new bike!! The digital class sounds fun!

    Hope you enjoy the concert!

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    so was it really necessary to post my score too? and just to clarify that was the third time i played since ethan was born . . .5 1/2 years ago!

    hope to go again soon,