Sunday, April 23, 2006

Live life....create art .....

Great words ....also some great words are note to self: be happy ! Great stamp from Rebekka Erikson . I made this little piece of art the other day . It was product inspired....I wanted to try the crackle medium . Then after the colors and the frame was done .....I decided to put the stamp in the frame instead of the picture. I love it. It now is going to sit on Kate's desk at work . She loved it that much . That made me even more happy ! I am going to make a few more of these for friends. They are a great little "make me happy" kinda thing.

So what did everyone else do this weekend? I actually spent some much needed time with my family . Owning your own business tends to take away some of that valuable time. But this weekend it was all about family . We saw two movies. Wild Things and Ice Age II . Loved them both . Then Josh and I watched Chicken Little at home is so funny to watch him watching a movie he has seen a few times. He starts reciting the lines and singing the songs....I just watch him in amazement. Thinking back that a few years ago he just watched them really they are more fun to him ...he gets humor and understands the movie more . Tonight he says to me .....I think the Mom is dead . In Chicken Little you never see the Mom in the movie he figured that out on his own. Also just to hear him belly laugh when the big pig rolls down the hill farting . Yeah that is pretty funny! Course he has my sense of humor ....which also gets him in trouble !
Kate and I also got alot of work done around the house . She did demo on the bedroom , ripping out the closet in prep of the new ceiling going up this saturday . Then the snowball begins .....I will pergo the floor there will be painting involved and then those wonderful closets from IKEA !! Yeeehaaawww! IKEA .
The Living room is just about finished. About 10 feet of crown molding to paint and one more door and it will be done. Pictures coming . I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new sofa . We all hung out on friday night , we could all fit and the dogs too . It was nice to be close and comfortable.
I got the wrestling coaches book done too ...I am so glad I made this for him . He was a great coach to Josh and the other boys. We have our banquet on Saturday night .
So did alot of living this weekend....Captured some of it on film. Some of it in my heart . Thats what it is all aobut.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Good for YOU Rollie!! I absolutely LOVE weekends like those. Gotta take Ethan to the movies again - it's been awhile.