Sunday, April 30, 2006

Friends, that is what makes the world go around! They come in all different ways. There are those friends that would do anything ....and I mean anything for you. It is always great to have friends like that. I am lucky enough to have quite a few friends like that. Maria is one of them ! We have only met about 4 years ago , but I am so glad that we have! I wanted to give a shout out to Maria since her birthday is on Wednesday ! Happy Birthday Girl! I know you got your new camera and hope you are having a great time with it .
On the home front we went to the Wrestling tourney last night for Josh's season . I gave his coach the scrapbook I made for him . Bill could not stop thanking me . We sat together and at least 6 times thru the night he turned to me to tell me how much that book means to him , how awesome a present it was and so on . Made me feel good that it meant that much to him . Coaches put so much time in with these kids and they do it totally volunteering. I love that Josh will have men like Coach Bill in his life, great positive male influence is so important in little boys lifes.
Josh also received a special award. He got "Most Improved Wrestler " in the pee wee division!! YEAH Josh!!! He was simply beaming ....wrestling is that first sport that you didn't just get a trophy for being there , so there were some tears shed on some of the little guys who didn't get a trophy. I felt so sad for them having to learn yet another hard lesson in their young lifes. We had already explained to Josh that he might not get a trophy and we try to also give him heads up on what to expect. But he came home with the hardware last night , and made a new place for it on his shelf.
On a sad note , I have this little brown dot on all my pics I take with my Nikon D50 I need to take it in the shop . They aren't open today so that will be a first thing in the morning on Monday....I am so sad. I feel like a part of me is missing , I LOVE my camera ...hope it won't take long to fix, it is internal, I have checked everything I can.
So off to enjoy a Sunday , no plans...except to go to mlpa and sit in on the class colleen is teaching . Maybe do a movie !
61 Days till Rehoboth !!! The countdown has begun.

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