Wednesday, April 12, 2006

this is where I have been .....

Spring is just amazing me more then I ever remember ....maybe it is just me paying more attention then I ever had.
I know each year things bloom and flowers come ...but this year it is just more beautiful....more wonderful ....more spectacular!!
It is amazing that we get to bask in this beauty ....we get to watch this miracle each year. I am so glad I am soaking it all in this year.
I am really just enjoying living each day ...each minute is all good !
The simple colors of White and yellow can just make me smile. This is my view as I sip my morning cup of java ! Which I am really enjoying this new blend from Seattle .
I just love looking at these delicate branches and blossoms , they will be gone soon , as we move into waiting for summer. But for now they brighten even the most overcast days. I still remember Kate digging and digging to plant those bushes for me . I believe it was a pic axe and lots of swear words before it was all over ! But I have to say THANK YOU so much honey....they are so beautiful :)

Josh has been busy enjoying spring also. This is his wall of fame . He has drawn me all these pictures . When I was away doing S.A.V.E. a couple weeks ago he created all these. They are the birds and the flowers. Yes some of them look more like aliens then birds , but even birds have to have great powers when you are a 6 year old boy ! I love having pictures hung up by scotch tape on the wall . It is something I always wanted. It just says love to me when you walk in a house with this kind of stuff! Josh has been really creating alot of things lately ...I love his creativity . Sometimes I am amazed at what he draws....sometimes I just shake my head as he explains it to me. But it is all good !!
So that is where I have been . I am going to be doing a little creating myself this week and next week. I am excited , on monday I am going to crop with a friend and have some fun . It has been a while ! But I was on line looking at a weekend soon ....getting away maybe just to do some cropping ! Some girlfriend time :) We will see. So take in the springtime air ...yeah some of you are grabbing for the tissues , but it is so beautiful ....soak it in !

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