Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That smile is going to save him sometimes and get him in so much trouble other times !
Right now it is saving him . He can just melt my heart by that look , no matter what he has done in the minutes or hours prior . Is this how we all survived childhood? Is this the same look we used ? Did we say "Mom , I love you " at any random moment .....just to wipe away anything we have done or will do that would otherwise come with great consciences. Well whatever it is long as the "I love you Mom" s keep coming , I really don't care. I remember being pregnant with Josh and dreaming that he would love me no matter what , cause I would love him no matter what. Well he has been my dream and so much more. So keep flashing those baby blues at me , and I will keep melting !

On the home front Kate and I are feeling a bit of exhaustion , we both are falling into bed at night with aches and pains from those ever not so young muscles we are using . But the living room , bedroom and hallway are all 3 projects that we will be happy to have completed. The hallway is now painted and just need to put molding up on two doors. The living room is just a matter of getting the outlets done and of course picking out curtains now . The bedroom ceiling will go up on Saturday , then in the following weeks I will put a new pergo floor in . We are going to try and get this all done since all the furniture is now out.
Then it is Rehoboth Beach here we come !!

On the Store front , lots going on there ! I have set up an email now that we can reach alot of customers with just one click . Took some setting up but hopefully it will run smoothly. Also set up a message board this week , so we can all co exist in one happy board ! We have outgrown the yahoo board and just need a bigger space . BIG MEGA yard sale this weekend at the store. Lots of items have come in . It is amazing how much we do collect. I have to chuckle a bit there. Altho I have done well and am not buyin things I don't use as much anymore.

And happiness in a bag , I got my very own "Donna Downey thinks I Rock " tshirts in the mail yesterday . They are awesome shirts and I do suggest you go and get you one. my other one is " You are perfect just the way you create" now that is just pure happiness in 100% cotton! Donna Downey does rock !

So that is about it in a nutshell, I am now going to go and find a TIVO show since they do nothing but recaps this week ! What is up with that?

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