Thursday, April 20, 2006

One BIG donut ! One little Sign !

Hey there is nothing like a BIG Donut ! $1.99 and you are on your way to nothing but smiles ! Josh is so funny ...every Wed and Thurs he looks very forward to seeing Dot (hi Dot !) . He is especially excited when I let him get the BIG donut at Yum Yum and he can share it with Dot.

And as you can see , Dot doesn't mind when Josh brings the big donut. You see, they are pals because Dot is just one Big kid !! I love how she is with Josh and he truely admires her . You will often hear me say . " Ok you two cut it out !" . I never know which one starts it but I think it is probably pretty even . So these are the things that make me smile and a big thanks to Dot !

So here is the next thing that made me smile today as I was paying $2.85 cents for a gallon of gas. Which wouldn't be bad except I needed $55.00 worth !

This was so funny to me , I didn't have my camera at the time and made a trip back later to take the picture. It was a sticker someone had put on the pump at the Wawa in Quakertown. Oh it still makes me giggle.

So tommorrow the new furniture arrives , I am doing a big happy dance. Can't wait to recline in those chairs tommorrow night .

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  1. I think my kids would pass out with excitement if I got them a big donut!! Is this place close to mlpa?? That could be my new bribery technique for when I want a shopping fix. My Julianna, especially, loves donuts-she would get such a kick out of this.