Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ok So what else can make you happy when you come home from a long day .... well a box from cafepress of course ! I just took out my camera and took a quick shot . The everyday things that make me happy , they are fun to photograph , and if it wasn't for Ali I probably would of just picked up the box and took it in the house . But now it is a great picture for this blog.
It is amazing the influence Ali has had in my life in such a short period of time. January I got to meet this amazing lady, and I mean just shaking her hand and getting to stand next to her for about 10 mins. But I can honestly say ...the aura around this lady was the most pure and brilliant I have seen in a long time. I felt an instant connection with her . She made me smile , and I just wanted to grab a cup of coffee and sit down on a big comfy couch and talk with her.
So anyway , I now photograph the everyday , and am in love with doing so . I have caught some of the most amazing photos in doing so . So thank you Ali!

So I opened the box pretty damn fast !! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my new shirts and cap !!
I got all giddy and just couldn't wait to wear them to the store in the morning. I was just trying to decide which to wear first ! But the will both be worn out probably ...oh well will have to buy more ! I am thinking a great girlfriends gift
So now we just need more designs Ali !!
Now the sad part of my day was when I got some mustard on my new shirt. But Tide Pen to the rescue !! ( Thanks Shirley!!) I think it is all going to come out . Cross your fingers. Never fails with a white t-shirt and me !!
So everyone celebrate !! We are Life artist ....just ask Ali. Go get a couple two , or three shirts!! http://www.cafepress.com/aliedwards
Don't just sit there , go take a photo !!


  1. Hey, haven't written you in a bit, so thought I'd comment on the last few blog entries....Ok, you know I love the Jack Johnson entry! I really want to meet this man and chat with him...don't think the hub would like that though.LOL
    ANd I can't believe daffodils are your fav too! Yet another connection. I am in love with them! As soon as I see the first one on the side of my house pop up, I get all giddy...I know spring is on its way...ahhh warm weather. And to get off the subject of your blog for a minute...I woke to snow showers!! What is up with that???? I hope my poor daffodils don't freeze.
    OK back on track here, love the Ali blog entry...I have to get a t-shirt! But like you, can not fathom the thought of a white or light pink shirt....I'm messy and so are my girls and I'd have coffee. drool and snot on it before I left the house!
    Sweet about the kind things you & Josh did for Kate on her special day. Josh is very fortunate to be in a loving household.
    OK gotta run and get outta my pj's and start this yucko day. I was going to stop in MLPA, but it is so stinky out....and I have to be back by 12 for Declan. We'll see how motivated I get.

  2. I LOVE YOU. Thanks for making my night.