Monday, April 03, 2006

What you see at 3 am .....

Yes it is 3 AM at the S.A.V.E. Weekend ...when I come back down to do the early morning shift...and I hear " Put on your mask , here comes Rollie !!" Well this is what I see....and YES I was armed with my camera ! The "Bad Girls" had been so busy making and creating with their to go boxes ! Thank you girls for lots of laughs this weekend !

So I haven't blogged in 4 days !! I must say I missed it . But I wouldn't give up these weekends !! I can't believe this was our 5th event . They just keep getting better . It was so wonderful seeing ladies I get to see only 4 times a year , some only 2 times a year ....and yes some just once a year ! It was also wonderful seeing friends catch up with each other....we had ladies from St. Louis ( Hi Bridget and Chris !) , Nashville ( Hey Barb ) , Virginia and I know some others traveled too . They make this plan to see each other every year at my event now.
I will post more pics as I get them . I didn't get very many myself but I know my faithful assistants did !
Some of the highlights were the Poppets of Lauri this weekend. We had such a great time doing the Secret sister thing ! Sue had a picture of Lauri and made poppets of her all weekend. The pictures will be posted here in a few days hopefully. It was great getting to know some of the ladies better too. I laughed so hard this weekend , it was just wonderful ! Kim I wanted to give you a wake up call this morning !!

When I came home on Sunday evening ...Josh had gotten me some daffodils . One of my FAVORITE Flowers ....and they are my fav this time of year...when that first little hint of yellow comes up I just smile. It just screams SPRING!! Besides the flowers just seeing his smiling face can make everything else just melt . He has so much great energy ...even when I think I just want him to stop and sit still , I really just love the energy he has. I would rather be tired the rest of my life then have him any other way then the way he is ! There is truly nothing like a son's love . Just gives me chills how amazing it is .

The other reason I love coming home ! Friday March 31st was Kate's Mom Day ! 2 Years ago she got to adopt Josh legally . She has always been Josh's mom but this is a special day for her , and for me . Josh doesn't really remember the courtroom or does he know what we went thru to make this happen, but what he does know is this is Mom's Special Day ! So Josh and I go out and shop for this and then he gave her all his presents he picked out . We have a theme each year and this year it was "things for Mom's Truck" . I was away this weekend but was on the phone as Josh gave everything to Kate. It was so kewl and he was so proud of himself , because he had to hide everything in his room this time . He pulled it off and did so well to make it a special day for Kate. Happy Mom's Day ! You are the bestest !! (See what happens if you get too close to the camera !!)

So this was my weekend ...still recovering and trying to get my voice back. Time to get some more much needed sleep! Thanks to everyone from the weekend, it ROCKED!!

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  1. Wow, that's been two years already? Geesh , time flies.

    Happy Mom's Day Kate!