Sunday, April 16, 2006

So paint eggs....

Well Easter has come .....and gone. Here is the beautiful cake that our friends brought over tonight for dessert. It was almost too pretty to eat ... I said ALMOST!! Of course a little coffee and a knife and it was yummy ! Lots and lots of frosting ...just the way Josh and I like it :)
So what did you do on this holiday ? Easter is not a big holiday in the Stillings house. Now don't get the idea I don't know that it celebrates a great time , but we don't get up and do sunrise service ....we don't have 20 some people for dinner or go to someone's house for dinner. We don't have family very close by and it is just another sunday in that sense. We don't "promote" the whole big bunny thing that much either. We do a basket , we do hide the eggs ....but we don't make a big build up to the whole holiday with Josh. Less to explain later down the road ! We already have the big guy in the red suit to account for and I know soon the tooth fairy ....that is enough :)
Now there is a great story for today ...."draw a map of where you hide the easter eggs !!" The "easter bunny" , she forgot where all the eggs were ! It wouldn't be bad ...except they were the real eggs !! Josh found 8 0f the 9 real eggs....oh that wouldn't be good in a couple days ! But glad to report ...the 9th egg was found tonight ...behind the icee making machine ! WHEW!

So some people color eggs...I decided to color the walls ! The pictures don't do it justice ..but I am LOVING the new colors of our living room . A great olive and dark red with a chocolate brown trim ! See everything is a snowball....we bought a new sectional sofa and of course it wouldn't go with what we had in the living room so we had to paint the walls. Believe me now I also want to replace the carpets...but that will take a little bit longer . One thing at a time . But of course you want it all done NOW !! But for now we await our new sofa , being delivered on friday and it will be just enough time to get all the painting done. I am having fun tho. Using crate paper on all the outlet looks so cool! So Kate and I painted from 6:30 am till about 4:30 pm and got almost everything done. The crown molding and 3 doors are left to paint out , but not bad for a days work. We are not as young as we used to be...and boy are we feeling it tonight .
Now Josh enjoyed the day pretty much in his pj's . Talking on the phone with aunt denise and grandma. oh and also playing his new Nintendo DS . He lost his gameboy on the trip to vegas in Jan . Left it on the plane. We felt it was time that he had one back . He has learned about taking care of his things better , and when you don't you lose them for good. Tough lesson at 5 ! So it took exactly 8 hours for him to lose his first stylus , they are so damn small. I of course was a smart mom and bought a pack of them . Altho they cost him 1 dollar for each one . So when he lost him I showed him a new one . He got it after he went to his room and got me a dollar. He was so cute tho..he put it right in the hole it belongs in as soon as I handed it to him and said. " I won't lose this one" . I tell ya ...lots of stuff going on for a 6 year old. He is such a great kid ! Gotta spoil them when we can ...altho then you struggle when you hear them talking sometimes about how they "never" get something or " no one ever listens to me " , those comments make me so upset , knowing how much he actually has and how much more then others he has. So it is a fine line . But I also know that there isn't many 6 year old boys that clean thier rooms, their own bathrooms and sort their own laundry . He really does alot and I am so proud of him . So now I am going to put my feet up , enjoy a few minutes of quiet and watch Desperate housewives ! Hope everyone is enjoying Spring !

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