Thursday, May 10, 2007

Action! Lacrosse style..

So I thought I might have pushed some of you over the edge with my post yesterday, and there is more to come on that...I just have to let some of you recover.
So today on a lighter note we will go back to my favorite subject....JOSH!
I went to his lacrosse practice last night for the first was amazing.
Fun to photograph.
I have to say sending 20 something boys out there with sticks, just something you try to avoid most of the time. When trying to whack the ball out of each others nets, well lets just say the aim of a 7 year old boy is sometimes not that great. Now you know why they get all the armour.
I have to say they do have alot on for protection, it takes about 20 mins to get them all geared up.
It brought back memories of when he played soccer at 3 , and they all look like a little swarm of bees, all trying to get at the ball.
So there ya go....and I am sure there are more pictures to come.
Enjoy the sunshine today!

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