Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh Canada!

How can you not look at that face everyday and not fall in love! Josh you are my miracle, and I love you so much. You are just amazing!!!
Tommorrow we are leaving for Canada. Two of our friends are getting married up there. They have been together for 10 years and they were trying to wait it out in the USA for it to become legal. Yep they are two womyn. But thier hopes of it happening anytime soon have been dashed.
I got an email today form K, and she told me that J's brother that was suppose to be her best man has just informed her...3 days before the wedding that he can not do it. He could not stand there while they got married, because "because it goes against God's natural law and that he can't attend a "ceremony that honors this transgression" I have no problem with any one's believes. What I have a problem with is...why in the hell did he accept this and then 3 days before back out. Was it just to make it even more devastating to his sister?
Sorry but I feel so badly for J, and this womyn has done nothing but support her brother through all his shit. And believe me, he has needed her many times.
Ok I got that out.
We are going to join friends and celebrate these two great ladies day. I am so excited I will be taking pictures for them and then doing an album for them. I just can't wait!
So have a great weekend. Be honest with each other, and it is ok not to agree with someone else's believes. Just don't pretend.


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    sorry to hear that J's brother is being a poop, esp., on a very important day. Have a great time, and I know you will do a great job with the photos!!(oh, and the album too)
    have a safe trip, and see you when you get back.


  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Travel safe, Rollie!

    I love any wedding. When my Godmother and her wife got married out in San Dimas, I was in college and couldn't attend. I would've loved to have been there.

    Love's good. Any time. Between or among anybody.

  3. enjoy your trip to canada.

    i hope the wedding is truly beautiful.

    and someone should slap J's brother over the head and tell him to stop being so ignorant ;)

  4. Have a wonderful time at the wedding. I know your friend J will be sad about her brother but I hope that she is comforted by the fact that she will be surrounded by friends that love her for her, no exceptions.

  5. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Rollie, anxious to see some pictures of beautiful Oh, Canada. I sure hope you all enjoyed the wedding and the train trip, etc.
    Miss ya.