Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Stuff!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

In honor of mother's day, I made this layout for you. Love ya!

Hope you like it, and stop crying all over the computer keys.

See ya in 6 weeks!

I FINALLY got the whole banner thing!

I can't tell you how HAPPY that makes truly is the little things.
So today has been a great day so far. I hope it just gets better and better.
It is shaping up to be a great weekend.
I am going to scrapbook a bit.
Eat at the Melting Pot.
Spend time with Kate and Josh.
See, told ya it was going to be a great weekend.
OH and for those of you that are having fun with my "Piggie" post. Just wait, you are going to lose your bets. These nails have to stay on for at least a week, till the wedding. Oh also, wait for the more shocking is coming. I will post a little warning, that all liquid be clear from your computer area. (Lisa, did you get that wine cleaned up yet?)
All the GREAT Moms out there, have a wonderful day on Sunday. I hope your kids hug you and if they can't be there they call and you get to hear "I love you, Mom!" Also everyone better call their Moms also!!
Ok that's about it for me...need to go check the movie listings!


  1. What a beautiful layout!!!

    Love your new banner!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    my guess is you're going to wear a dress to show off the pedicure . . . pictures please if that is the case! still can't see the lo :( d

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

    aack!! I just spit my milk on the screen. D., you dod NOT just seriously say she was going to wear a dress??? SHUT UP!! (thanks for the phrase Kim) someone should put a no liquids sign up. sheeish.


  4. beautiful layout and love the banner!

  5. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Gorgeous layout, Rollie. You go, girl.

  6. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Wait. I know the shocking news. A dress AND pantyhose. Maybe even some, (dare I say it...)LIPGLOSS?

    Maybe not. The Earth might tilt off its axis. Floods, fires, tornadoes...hold up...that's all what happened THIS WEEK! Uh-oh. All's we need now is The Blessed Virgin Mary to be spotted in Q-Town...then we'll know for sure that times are getting end-y.

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I'm going with the dress too...the lip gloss is funny...she;s coming back-I just know it!!! :)